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Summer '98 Issue

CLMP Needs Your Help Now
Greensweep Settlement Update
Wandering and Wondering
Role of Civil Disobedience in Democracy
HR118 and Son
Headwaters 11/15/96 Lawsuit Update
Round Valley Lawsuit Update
Newsbites and Updates

CLMP Needs Your Help Now

Dear Friends:

For 15 years the Civil Liberties Monitoring Project has been monitoring and documenting abuses of civil liberties and constitutional rights by law enforcement and other government agencies, and advocating for and educating the public about being involved in standing up for and working to retain those rights.

CLMP is currently involved in educating the public about, and monitoring and documenting civil liberties violations in four areas: (1) unconstitutional surveillance and raiding activities of annual marijuana enforcement operations; (2) pretext stops and nonconsensual vehicle searches by the California Highway Patrol; (3) constitutional rights violations and other wrongs committed against the residents of Round Valley Indian Reservation by law enforcement, during and since the Bear Lincoln manhunt in 1995; and (4) egregious violations of the civil liberties of non-violent environmental demonstrators and activists working to protect Headwaters Forest. Additionally, our Greensweep lawsuit has been settled and we are beginning a process of taking public comment to be submitted to the BLM for possible inclusion in their final guidelines for conducting marijuana operations on public lands.

For the better part of 15 years, CLMP operated as a totally volunteer organization with virtually no budget. For the past two years, we've had a modest amount of foundation funding that has kept us afloat financially while we continue to pursue mediation and litigation in an effort to hold on to our ever-eroding constitutional rights. We are constantly researching viable funding possibilities, although there are very few foundations that fund the type of work we do. Last year, 1997-98, we received $27,500 in grants, and nearly $12,000 in community donations. For our current grant year, 1998-99, we only have $7500 in committed grant funding despite the fact that we have submitted over a dozen proposals. Our community donations have been way down so far this year, as well. We cannot continue to do the work we do without additional and ongoing financial support.

Over the last couple years CLMP also has seen its volunteer support drop. It seems there are fewer folks among us these days who have the time and energy to "fight the good fight." Or even to answer the phones in the office. The lion's share of CLMP's work regularly falls on the shoulders of a small core group of committed board members. We need more folks from the community willing to help us with nuts-and-bolts support so we can stay on our feet and keep moving forward while CLMP's board members are addressing the actual issues that affect the quality of all our lives.

CLMP is appealing to you NOW for your support. Here's how you can be more involved:

1) make a large donation now ($250 or more);

2) make a large donation now, AND pledge to make large donations annually or smaller donations monthly;

3) help the CLMP board sell tickets to our 3rd annual benefit public forum on September 26 at the Mateel;

4) help CLMP raise funds by networking with your friends to raise money on CLMP's behalf, or organizing an event with the proceeds going to CLMP;

5) become more involved as a volunteer in the office, or at one of our yearly events;

6) join the CLMP board and take on fundraising or public relations as your project.

We would welcome your support, financial or otherwise. CLMP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all contributions made to us are tax deductible. If you would like more in-depth information about our current programs and plans for the year, please let us know. We can provide you with a complete proposal describing CLMP's history and operations in detail, or any other information that you need.

We look forward to hearing from you.
The CLMP Board of Directors

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